Brampton Real Estate Agent: The Value of a Full-Time Agent

Brampton Real Estate Agent: The Value of a Full-Time Agent Brampton Real Estate Agent: The Value of a Full-Time Agent 


 — How good would somebody be if they tried to do your job on a part-time basis? 

Leveraging a full-time Brampton real estate agent is critical to ensuring that you have a knowledgable, up-to-date agent who will have your back—and protect you from these 5 common real estate errors–that could could end up costing you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

Consider the Benefits of a Full-Time Agent

  • Being a Brampton real estate agent isn’t just about showing houses to people. You need to know how those houses stack up against similar houses in the area in size, design, upgrades, price, etc. You also need to know current market trends. When a part-time agent is in real estate they simply don’t have the time to know the best properties on the market.
  • A full-time agent will participate in more trainings, helping them stay current on new rules and regulations and market trends.
  • Also, being a full-time agent gives you the advantage of hanging around the office during the day to hear about new and exclusive Brampton homes for sale.
  • Being a skilled negotiator takes practice and experience—it is not something you can learn in basic real estate-agent training.

If you’re not convinced yet, consider this: Would you let a part-time brain surgeon operate on you? Would you let a part-time lawyer represent you on a life-altering legal case? Then why let a part-time amateur represent the most expensive and life-changing investment you make—your home.

Of course we don’t just recommend using any full-time agent, because not even all full-time agents are created equal. Get the competitive advantage of The Wilding Team Difference, and leverage The CARAVAN Advantage to buy/sell your home.




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