7-Point Buyer’s Guide

Brampton real estate by The Wilding Team — If you haven’t downloaded our 2018 Brampton Home Buyer’s Guide yet, you don’t know what you’re missing.

We’ve taken our 30 years of experience as Brampton real estate agents and put it into a our 7-step Brampton Home Buyer’s Guide, a step-by-step guide that will help glide you through the home-buying process.

Here is a quick breakdown of what is included in our 2018 Brampton Real Estate Home Buyers Guide:

Step 1: Secure a Buyer’s Representative REALTOR®

  • Here we address what duties a Brampton real estate agent will handle, what processes they will hold your hand through—and why it is important to use a high-quality Brampton real estate agent.
  • We also let you know what qualities to look for in an agent

Step 2: Pre-qualify for a Mortgage

  • We cover the difference between getting a mortgage with a bank and getting a mortgage with a mortgage broker.
  • We also cover what paperwork and information you will need when applying for a mortgage—which can be up to 15 items (more for some)

Step 3: Work with your REALTOR® to Find a Home

  • Finding a home requires more than just looking for houses. There are a number of things you need to consider, including the Walk Score, transportation, neighbourhood and other elements that will make your home purchase not only a home purchase—but an investment.

Step 4: Determine the REAL Value of the Home that you Want to make an Offer on

  • How to determine the REAL value of a home…beyond the arbitrarily-chosen sticker price.

Step 5: Prepare and Negotiate the Offer and Choose your Terms and Inclusions

  • When negotiating an offer you need to be aware of what provisions to include to ensure that you are getting a good deal on your new home.
  • We cover what inspections need to be done, what type of inclusions can be included, and specific conditions dependent on what type of home you are buying (like having an Electrical Safety Authority assessment in homes with aluminum wiring).

Step 6: Put your Team of Professional Service Providers to Work for you (home inspector, lawyer, agent, etc.)

  • We cover the various types of home service providers you will likely need, what their roles are and our recommendations of trustworthy professionals in Brampton.

Step 7: Move in

  • Moving in is the easiest step right? Not always. We cover all the things you need to take care when moving, including tips for parents and pet owners.
  • We also offer a number of helpful hints for Brampton home buyers, like packing a “first-day survival kit”.


Brampton Real Estate Bonus: Sample Paperwork and Worksheets

As a bonus we include a number of sample paperwork and worksheets to help you out throughout the Brampton home buying process, which includes:

Sample Paperwork

  1. Buyer Representation Agreement
  2. Agreement of Purchase & Sale (sample offer)
  3. Working with a REALTOR® form
  • Confirmation of Co-operation & Representation
  • Individual Identification Information Record (FINTRAC)


  1. Net Worth
  2. Current Household Budget
  3. Home Purchase Cost Estimate
  4. Your Team of Professionals
  5. Checklist for Evaluating Real Estate Agents
  6. Checklist for Selecting a Lawyer/Notary
  7. Home Inspection Checklist
  8. Household Budget as a Homeowner
  9. Home Features Checklist
  10. Moving to Your New Home — Change of address notification
  11. Home Hunting Comparison Worksheet

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