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Will I make more money if I wait for Spring market?

By the third week of January a professional FULL TIME salesperson can tell if the market is going to be busy or slow.  HOW?  Well when you work in the most productive real estate office in the Region of Peel you know what is going on just by the appointments […]

Brampton Real Estate Agent: Qualities to Look For

Looking for a Brampton real estate agent is tough, after all—there’s so darned many of us! So, how do you sort through the noise to find your ideal agent? Well, the absolute best way is to know exactly what you want. To help you in the list of qualities to […]

Brampton FSBO: Why You Should List with the Wilding Team

Here at The Wilding Team we’ve listed the properties of hundreds of Brampton FSBO, for sale by owners, as after a chat with us they see the value of using a team of highly-experienced agents. We have a number of arguments that we use to convince Brampton FSBO to list […]

What to Look for in Brampton Real Estate Listings

While every homeowner has a checklist of must-haves for the new home that includes things like eat-in kitchen, upgraded bathroom, big backyard and new appliances—what you should look for in Brampton real estate listings goes beyond your wants. When buying a home in Brampton you are making a massive investment […]

What is a professional OPEN HOUSE?

Brampton Homes for Sale: The Real Estate Agent is responsible for your home while the open house takes place so they must be in control of people coming in the front door.  A professional way to handle visitors to the home is to simply put a sign on the front door […]

Brampton Homes for Sale: My house SOLD five times before we finally got a FIRM DEAL….

Brampton Homes for Sale… “My house sold five times before we got a firm deal”. Why did this happen and is it common to have Buyers put in offers on homes and then not firm up the deal?  It does happen and it can be very frustrating for not only the Seller […]

Can’t find a home…..Buyers are Liars!

Homebuyers can’t find a home. Are you a Buyer? This is a saying that has been in the real estate industry for decades. WHY? It is not that Buyers do it intentionally, well maybe some do, but this refers to the fact that many time Buyers come in to the […]

Have you got Mould in your House?

Do YOU have Mould in your House? Did you know that many homeowners do not even know they have mould in their home until it shows up in a home inspection? Do you have mould in your house? It can be devastating and costly because the Buyer may opt to […]

13 Tips on How to Sell your Brampton FSBO Continued

Brampton FSBO tips. This is continued from the original article which can be found here: 7. Return Calls QUICKLY The biggest mistake Brampton FSBO ers (and some agents) make is not returning calls quickly. If you don’t return a call quickly the buyer or agent may move on. 8. Fix […]

6 Critical Tips for Brampton FSBO For Sale By Owners

Brampton FSBO, or For Sale By Owners, have a tough job ahead of them given that the Brampton FSBO real estate market is a truly unique one given our quickly rising home prices and the city’s ethnic diversity and large influx of newcomers. So, having said that—allow us to give […]