Why Didn’t My House Sell?

Brampton Homes

Homes don’t sell for a number of reasons. It could be ineffective marketing, overpricing compared to similar properties on the market, you may have tried to sell during a tough market. Perhaps your home needed a few upgrades to bring it up to par.

Here at The Wilding Team we have a near 100% closing ratio (100% in 2014 and 2013–97% in 2012), because we price reasonably through efficient market assessments (pricing too high can actually cost you money as your home sits on the market and loses the attention of buyers), through heavy marketing, open houses, putting the home on our Caravan tour, and more.

If you’re curious exactly what it was that caused your home not to sell, shoot us an email with ¬†your scenario or give us a call. No pressure whatsoever to sign with us, we earn our clients through the incredible insights we bring while making them feel more comfortable than a warm bath.