Christmas Lights !!

Christmas Lights at Gage Park


The Wilding Team was at the Lighting of the Christmas Tree at City Hall plus at the Santa Parade: 

Every year hundreds of volunteer help to create floats that glow in the darkness and light up the parade route for all to see.  The themes vary from year to year but they are always so creative and fun to watch.  Keep in mind that there are a lot of behind the scenes people as well and they help with monitoring, putting up road sign, police helping with traffic, television people and cameras, clowns, marshals, bands, youth groups, singers, dancers, people dressed in costume, stunt people, organizers who put it all together, tow truck services in case a float breaks down are even on hand….IT takes a VILLAGE to make a GREAT SANTA PARADE in Brampton.  Come out and see for yourself.  Look for the 4561000 RE/MAX float.  Please note that this is the ONLY office of RE/MAX that participates in this parade with a float. WE go the distance for our clients in real estate and in having fun and supporting the community. 

The lights at Gage Park are worth a trip and a walk through the downtown core.  Park at the Rose Theatre and walk around and over to City Hall.  Enjoy a coffee or a drink or go for dinner at the many restaurants in that area.  Quaint and bright so it warms your heart at this time of year. 



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