Will I make more money if I wait for Spring market?

By the third week of January a professional FULL TIME salesperson can tell if the market is going to be busy or slow.  HOW?  Well when you work in the most productive real estate office in the Region of Peel you know what is going on just by the appointments that are booked, the number of listings generated and the number of homes being sold in our office.  We can also tell on a weekly basis from our managment as to the number of calls to book appointments and this tells us that their are few or a lot of buyers out there looking for a home. As a buyer you want to have the most choice in your search for a home BUT if there are a LOT of buyers out there then you are in competition especially if there are few listings.  This is what caused the BIDDING WAR issues of the past few years.  As for a Seller you are better to list when there are fewer listings because then the chance of you getting more appointments to view your home are greater.  If you are 1 of 500 listings verses 1 of 1500 the odds really do make a difference.

You know that you want to do a few things to your house to get the highest price but it is going to take you a couple of months to achieve these changes and in the mean time the house prices are going up so you don’t mind.  That is a good thing because you want the most dollars for your present home so you will have more down payment on the next home right?  Well give this some thought.

NOW think about the renovations or changes you were going to make to get your home ready to put on the market and lets say they cost you $2500 and by the way your house looks great. You spent $2500 on the renovations plus $7500 more for the new house because you waited and that total cost to you is $10,000.

Sometimes waiting is NOT the best thing to do.  Talking to The Wilding Team is always the best thing to do. Be prepared, know the facts, have a plan and take action.

Your first action is to call Alison and Debbie Wilding, Sales Representatives at RE/MAX Realty Services Inc. Brokerage 905-456-1000