What to Look for in Brampton Real Estate Listings

While every homeowner has a checklist of must-haves for the new home that includes things like eat-in kitchen, upgraded bathroom, big backyard and new appliances—what you should look for in Brampton real estate listings goes beyond your wants.

Brampton real estate listings

When buying a home in Brampton you are making a massive investment (the largest investment that many people make in their whole lives). To make that a successful investment there are certain features of Brampton homes that you should look for; features that ensure the continued value of your home. These features include:


  1. A Finished Basement Today’s homebuyers are looking for added living and storage space in their homes, and without homes getting even bigger the only way to accomplish this is with finished basements. A well-finished basement can add thousands, to tens of thousands of dollars of value to your home, so be on the lookout for a finished basement, or a basement that you yourselves can finish when shopping for Brampton homes.


  1. A Legal Basement Apartment Even better than a finished basement is a basement apartment that will give future homeowners potential rental income. We can’t tell you how quickly listings with legal basement apartments are sold, and how highly-valued they truly are in Brampton. If you own a home with a finished basement with a walk-out and a roughed-in area for a kitchen and bathroom—consider upgrading your basement to a basement apartment.


  1. A Modern Kitchen One glance at all the foodie shows on TV these days will tell you why having a modern kitchen it important—we’re experiencing a true renaissance of food, and with that comes a need for high-quality kitchens. Look for Brampton real estate listings with upgraded kitchens with modern amenities. If a sensational kitchen isn’t quite in the budget, then look for a home with a roomy kitchen that is easily upgradable and then put the work in yourself.


  1. Good Floors Homes with high-quality floors are always in high demand. The current trend is for hardwood floors, especially cork, granite and the more economical engineered-wood. When buying a home, look for one that has floors that will hold their value for the duration of your home ownership, so that when you are ready to sell they will still be a great selling feature.


These are just four of the many features of Brampton real estate listings that you should look for. For a thorough list of features to look for that will help maintain a home’s value, call The Wilding Team.