The CARAVAN Advantage — Brampton Homes for Sale

Brampton Homes for Sale — CARAVAN is an open house-like tour for agents, to ensure that we get the first-to-market scoop on new homes for sale in Brampton.

This 8-year old, weekly tour of between 2 to 8 homes is participated in by between 10 to 25 RE/MAX Realty Services Inc. agents. It was created Debbie & Alison Wilding, who both still organize the tour every single week.

The Advantage

The CARAVAN Advantage means that you can be sure EVERY ONE of our listings is immediately placed on the CARAVAN tour of homes. The Wilding Team created it, and we organize it (and create the lineup of homes!) every single Wednesday morning.

The exposure for The Wilding Team’s home sellers is unlike any other as it features a tour to some of the top players—and highest performers—in the Brampton real estate agent game.

For our buyers, it ensures that The Wilding Team gets the inside scoop on the new homes on the market and RE/MAX Realty Services Inc.’s exclusive listings. This creates a to-be-reckoned-with competitive advantage when you consider that RE/MAX Realty Services Inc. has three offices and over X Brampton real estate agents—giving us the lion’s share of the Brampton real estate market.

In addition to having throngs of top-performing agents through our CARAVAN of homes, we also all have a pact to promote each home on the tour as if it was our own listing—because RE/MAX agents are top of their field for a reason!

During the tour, in addition to you-can’t-even-pay-for-that level of exposure, we also get phenomenal feedback and tips from tenured Brampton real estate agents about staging improvements, minor repairs and the price-point of your home.

After CARAVAN we all get together and have a meeting over coffee to discuss current real estate trends, issues, happenings, new marketing strategies, new ideas and upcoming listings—ensuring that we all know EXACTLY what’s going on in the Brampton real estate market.

Why You NEED It

The Brampton real estate market is an incredibly diverse and challenging place as the city settle’s into its break-neck speed growth and strong immigration rate. To ensure that you get at least fair market value for your Brampton home—and don’t overspend when buying a Brampton home—you need the competitive advantage and expert guidance that The Wilding Team’s CARAVAN Advantage brings.