Can’t find a home…..Buyers are Liars!

homebuyersHomebuyers can’t find a home. Are you a Buyer? This is a saying that has been in the real estate industry for decades. WHY? It is not that Buyers do it intentionally, well maybe some do, but this refers to the fact that many time Buyers come in to the real estate market with a dream of a home but can’t find it.

For example: “I want a detached, all brick, 2 storey home, in the country, no swimming pool, finished basement with a yard backing onto a ravine.”

So homebuyers start looking for that dream home but can’t find a home.  Along comes a Realtor and they look at homes that meet “some of the criteria” but not all of it. What happens? Well they end up buying a detached, 5 level back split home that overlooks a park in the backyard and has a walkout basement that they have to finish BUT the price was right and still leaves them money to do the renovations in the basement the way they want it done and eventually put in a pool too.

Did they end up with the house they wanted?    YES!
Did they end up with the house they described?    NO!
Did the Salesperson talk them into buying a house they did not want?    NO!

Homebuyers are liars!  Can’t find a home….it is not that the Buyer does not have the perfect home in their mind… it is that it does not exist within the time frame they are looking for a home. Sure you can take years to find the perfect home but by the time you wait years to find it the perfect home could cost you a LOT more money. Using an experienced and successful FULL TIME real estate agent is to YOUR advantage.

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