Our First-Time Home Buyers Program — Brampton Homes for Sale

Brampton Homes for Sale by The Wilding Team — Being a first-time homebuyer is incredibly exciting, thrilling—and nerve racking. As 30-year veterans in the game The Wilding Team understands the unique process that is first-time home-buying.

Throughout the years we’ve put together a first-time homebuyers program that ensures that our Brampton first-time homebuyers have a GREAT home-buying process, and are thoroughly prepared throughout the entire journey.

Here are just a few of the elements we employ to ensure that your first-time homebuying process is exciting, fun—and hiccup-free!

  • We take a “team” approach to working with you by helping to clearly define your and our duties and roles throughout the process—which ensures great communication (you would be AMAZED how important this is during the home-buying process).
  • We thoroughly prepare you for the home-buying process, which includes issues with credit and pre-qualifying for a mortgage, in preparing mortgage application documents (like job letters), and by ensuring that you are completely financially prepared for everything that owning a home means, including the downpayment, closing costs, inspection costs, assessments, moving, taxes, home-maintenance costs, etc.
  • We ensure that both we and the you are available to go look at houses regularly—as time is of the essence when buying real estate.
  • We also help you choose the right neighbourhood for them, for example, mature, new, etc.
  • We help you decide what are your “must have”, “would like to have” and “would be nice to have” features of your new Brampton home.
  • We have a conversation with you about being honest and not being afraid to talk to us about difficult matters—like money—to ensure that we have a healthy working relationship.
  • We offer you a thorough explanation of what happens when you find the home you want, including the importance of doing a market analysis to determine what price to offer on the home.
  • We ensure that you understand the negotiating process, for example, if the house has been on the market for a long time then negotiating will be easier but if there is a multiple-offer situation you will need to start off with a more competitive offer. There is also deciding whether you want to continue through competitive negotiations—like if you have decided that this IS the right house for you—or whether there are other homes on the market to consider.
  • We also discuss with you your moving needs, specifically how quickly—or how slowly—you need to move.
  • We offer you the information you need to decide on whether you are willing to buy a fixer-upper (if you have the knowledge or budget to fix it up yourselves) or whether you want/need to buy a move-in ready home.
  • Once the seller has accepted your offer on your dream home, while your mortgage is being arranged, we will have a home inspection done with both you and ourselves in attendance. A good home inspector is worth their weight in gold, as you might still be willing to buy a house that needs work done, but you want an idea of how costly the work is going to be. Also, the home inspector might find something you didn’t know about that needs to be addressed before closing.
  • Once the home inspection and mortgage are approved more paperwork will need to be done to get you a firm agreement of purchase and sale on your new Brampton home.
  • We then wait for the closing, help you plan your move, with things like hiring movers/moving van, do a change of address, deal with children and/or pets, etc. The Wilding Team advises you as a new homebuyer, do not go out and buy furniture and appliances—or a new car—on credit before closing (don’t laugh—this happens, a lot) or your mortgage broker will call you and tell you that you can no longer buy the house.

To find out exactly what we can do for you, give us a call today—don’t worry, we’re extremely easy to talk to and are no-pressure agents. 🙂