Brampton Real Estate Agent: Qualities to Look For

Looking for a Brampton real estate agent is tough, after all—there’s so darned many of us! So, how do you sort through the noise to find your ideal agent? Well, the absolute best way is to know exactly what you want.

Brampton Real Estate Agent: Qualities to Look For
To help you in the list of qualities to look for in a Brampton real estate agent, we’ll get you started with a few suggestions—that we’ve learned over the years (well—decades) of experiences we’ve had as agents…


  1. Trust
    You need to be able to trust your agent—after all, you’re trusting them with a half-million dollar investment (the price of the average home in Brampton). Trust is incredibly important, because you need to trust them to not overlook homes that would be perfect for you, trust to negotiate you the best deal and not just go for the quick close—and trust to tell you the hard truth, even if it hurts (like telling you that the purple carpet you love so much absolutely HAS to go).
  2. Marketing
    Getting a good price for your home is all about how many people see it. And you can’t get people to see it without using marketing (unless you drop the price of the home—an underpriced home ALWAYS gets attention, of course). So, ask your potential agents what marketing methods they use. For example, here at The Wilding Team we have high-quality listings on our SEO-optimized website, we offer The Caravan Advantage and much more.
  3. Technology
    There isn’t an industry out there that has evaded the all-seeing eye of technology, except maybe…calligraphy. Real estate agents need to be technologically-hip to stay relevant in today’s society. They will be more productive, and more ‘on top of things’ if they’re technologically connected. For example, The Wilding Team put a large amount of work into our website, with custom-written listings (compared to the standard agent website that simply copies the MLS description) that truly feature the customer’s property. We also had our cellphones surgically implanted into our hands so that we are constantly ‘on the ball’ with our business.
  4. Availability
    There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to get a hold of your Realtor—especially when you need them the most, like after you’ve submitted an offer. So look for a Realtor that has ready availability that has the time to treat you the way you deserve.Another shameless self plug: The Wilding Team is the most readily-available team on the market. First of all, there is two of us. Second, we both have our cellphones surgically implanted in our hands. And third, we’re always available via our website’s live chat. We literally couldn’t be more available.


Brampton Real Estate Agents: Who To Call

So, when looking for Brampton real estate agent qualities to look for—decide what you want. And, give The Wilding Team a try, and let our experience, availability, technology, marketing, hard work and trustworthiness work for you.