Brampton FSBO: Why You Should List with the Wilding Team

Here at The Wilding Team we’ve listed the properties of hundreds of Brampton FSBO, for sale by owners, as after a chat with us they see the value of using a team of highly-experienced agents.

Brampton FSBO

We have a number of arguments that we use to convince Brampton FSBO to list with us, but the most convincing is the Stock Broker defense.



Brampton FSBO: The Stock Broker Defense

If you invested half a million dollars in the stock market (which is the average price of a Brampton home), you wouldn’t open the financial sections and pick whatever stock looked pretty. You’d go to a licensed, experienced stock broker—and entrust their knowledge and experience to protect your investment. You probably see where we’re going here.

If you wouldn’t gamble with a half-million-dollar stock investment—why gamble with a half-million dollar home investment (or whatever the price is). Your home is not just your greatest investment, it is also where you family will lay their heads—giving it even more importance to your life than your (hypothetical) stock portfolio.


Buying and selling real estate is an investment, but it is also a bit of a gamble. In order to be successful in real estate, you need high-level, high-quality advice from an expert—from a real estate agent.

When it comes to Brampton real estate agents—there is none better than The Wilding Team. Our 30+ years experience in Brampton real estate has given us the keen eye for investments that only decades of learning can bring. We know which areas are the best investments—and which ones aren’t. We know what to look for in a home that will increase in value over the year, and we know how to correctly value a home.

Another thing we specialize in is in keeping our clients from buying lemons.


Brampton FSBO home sellers should list with The Wilding Team. We’ll more than make up for our commission in the money-saving, investment-growing advice that we have to offer. We’ll also make the home-buying and home selling process in Brampton significantly easier and less stressful.


There’s a reason clients keep coming back to us time and time again. And now we’re starting to see the second generation of clients using The Wilding Team—talk about multi-generational trust.