13 Tips on How to Sell your Brampton FSBO Continued

Brampton FSBO tips. This is continued from the original article which can be found here:

FSBO7. Return Calls QUICKLY
The biggest mistake Brampton FSBO ers (and some agents) make is not returning calls quickly. If you don’t return a call quickly the buyer or agent may move on.

8. Fix Up the House
Before listing your property be sure to make small repairs to ensure that your home shows well. This means tidying the yard, trimming the hedges, touching-up paint, installing a missing baseboard, painting nicks in the tub, etc. These are SOOO important because nobody doesn’t want to pay good money for a home that looks like it hasn’t been well cared for and maintained.

9. Keep it Clean—Always
Keep your home insanely clean all the time. Do an extremely thorough cleaning every week that includes taking an old toothbrush to hard to get areas.

10. Stage your Home
Staging is too huge a topic to cover here, so check out our blog on staging for tips.

11. Declutter your Home
Decluttering your home will make it look significantly bigger. Once again it is far too much info to cover here so move on to our decluttering blog page.

12. Depersonalize
You love your home’s memories but buyers want a clean slate. A clean slate will them envision themselves in the home. Again, check out our blog post for details because this is a big topic too.

13. Offer a Seller’s Disclosure

A seller’s disclosure will show people that you are upfront and honest about your house and that there won’t be any surprises. It will also show them and agents that you know what you’re doing.

14. Build a Website about your Home

If you want to go the Brampton FSBO route, try these guys: Real Estate Website Design

If these tips got you shaking your head “yes, yes, yes”–great. BUT, what else don’t you know? We strongly urge you to call us for a no-pressure, stress-free call—because that is truly how we roll, you’ll see 🙂 –we can help you decide if going-it-alone is the right choice for you. And it just might be. But you may be in over your head and could benefit from our 30 years of experience. So give me a call at 416.562.1220 about Brampton FSBO and we’ll chat.